JFC we can’t believe this even needs to be explained. SCIENCE GOOD, PREVENTABLE DISEASE BAD!

Black ink on a white Next Level unisex tee.

ALL $25 of the purchase price of the first 28 shirts sold will be donated to the Immunization Action Coalition. After the first 28 shirts are sold, going forward $7 from each sale will be donated and the rest of the proceeds will fund the continuation of our Sevenfold series.

What’s our Sevenfold series? It’s one of the ways we give back. By using the tools and resources of our business, we can multiply the impact of a cash donation by approximately 7. We invest about $100 in materials to kick start each iteration, and with your help that turns into $700 (or more!) raised for the benefit organization. We use our skills for something good, you get a sweet shirt, vital organizations get money, and the cycle continues!